Who whom quiz pdf

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99 – Download and Print Instantly! Complete the sentences with the correct relative clauses. The term track and field refers to athletic events —- include foot races and jumping and throwing events. The citrus fruit —- has been exposed to cool temperatures during maturation is sweeter and more tender than those that have not. San Francisco, America’s romantic city, has always been a haven for the artists and writers —- have left at least part of their hearts there. Canada, —- I spent most of my childhood, is a country of vast plains and heavy forested areas.

Mistletoe, —- is believed to have magic powers, is traditionally hung over doorways during the Christmas season. The safe —- we put our jewelry and other valuables was stolen by a group of thieves last night. Martin Stevenson, —- children I have been looking after since I started the university in London, is my history professor. The extent —- the stock market is affected by the day-to-day pronouncements of the President of the United States is astonishing. The moment —- I learned the results of the art competition was one of the worst times in my life. Complete the sentences with appropriate relative pronouns. In areas —- many elderly live alone, the police may visit their homes to make sure they are all right.