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Anvil backstage at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. At the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles on March 5, 2010. 1980s but then faded into obscurity where we are our band our story pdf the 1990s, while refusing to stop playing, recording and gigging.

Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner began playing music together. At this point, the band was called Lips. Anvil and the independent album was released by Attic as their debut album. Anvil and convinced Attic to release the band from their contract so the band could sign with a major label. However, after initial interest, Krebs eventually stopped returning phone calls and did not get the band a major label recording contract, but eventually released the band from the managing contract allowing the band to find their own record deal in mid-1986. David had little or no knowledge of metal music.

He managed Aerosmith and thought we were a great opener, but beyond that he couldn’t find us a deal without including our first three albums in a deal. The company Attic refused to license or release those recordings in the USA. This made it impossible for David to go forward with us. He pulled us out of the contract with Attic and left us to die or what ever! United States, peaking at No. According to Lips, Anvil would have not continued had it not been for the German fans and the German contract. Germany was the only market for reasonable sales in that period, so the country kept the band running and gave them the opportunity to do more records.

Lips remarked “We’ll play gigs sometimes where there’s no one there”. It stands as a prime example of what an industry—particularly the music industry—can put an artist through. At the same time, I take responsibility for our actions in the past. We were just sustaining who we are. Now someone’s come along and brought it to a new level. Now we’re getting praise for never selling out and sticking to our guns.