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To modify the normal sequential execution of statements, VB. NET provides several control-visual basic documentation pdf statements identified by reserved keywords. In addition, in Visual Basic . There is no unified way of defining blocks of statements.

Then” or “Sub” are interpreted as starters of sub-blocks of code and have matching termination keywords such as “End If” or “End Sub”. Multiple line statements in Visual Basic . NET are enabled with ” _” at the end of each such line. The need for the underscore continuation character was largely removed in version 10 and later versions.

NET uses round brackets to define the parameters of subroutines or functions. The following is a very simple VB. This is a module definition. Modules are a division of code, which can contain any kind of object, like constants or variables, functions or methods, or classes, but can’t be instantiated as objects like classes and cannot inherit from other modules.

Modules serve as containers of code that can be referenced from other parts of a program. It defines a subroutine called “Main”. Main” is the entry point, where the program begins execution. This line performs the actual task of writing the output. Comparison of Visual Basic and Visual Basic . NET should be considered as just another version of Visual Basic or a completely different language is a topic of debate.

Also, two important data-type changes occurred with the move to VB. 32 bits to 64 bits. This is true for all versions of VB. A 16-bit integer in all versions of VB. The changes have altered many underlying assumptions about the “right” thing to do with respect to performance and maintainability. Documentation is available to cover changes in the syntax, debugging applications, deployment and terminology.

The following simple examples compare VB and VB. They assume that the developer has created a form, placed a button on it and has associated the subroutines demonstrated in each example with the click event handler of the mentioned button. Each example creates a “Hello, World” message box after the button on the form is clicked. Both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic . The developer need only add the statement to display the “Hello, World” message box.

All procedure calls must be made with parentheses in VB. However, these are default names for a command button in Visual Basic 6 and VB. Some programmers prefer to do things “the . NET way”, since the Framework classes have more features and are less language-specific. The following example demonstrates a difference between Visual Basic 6 and VB. The ‘cmd’ prefix is replaced by the ‘btn’ prefix, conforming to the new convention previously mentioned. Visual Basic 6 did not provide common operator shortcuts.