The seven good years pdf

This article is about the European mid-18th-century war. Transfer of colonial the seven good years pdf between Great Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal. Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.

Europe, the Americas, West Africa, India, and the Philippines. European powers to their side. 28 May 1754, and extended across the colonial boundaries and the seizure of hundreds of French merchant ships at sea. The result caused uproar across Europe. 17 January 1757, most of the states of the empire joined Austria’s cause.

Many middle and small powers in Europe, as in the previous wars, tried to steer clear away from the escalating conflict, even though they had interests in the conflict or with the belligerents. Dano-Norwegian and Russian armies were close to ending up in battle, but the Russian emperor was deposed before war formally broke out. Franco-Spanish alliance, declined to join the coalition under fear of British naval power. Like Sweden, Russia concluded a separate peace with Prussia. Saxony, Austria and Prussia, in 1763. West African coast, and superiority over the French trading outposts on the Indian subcontinent.