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Peter Grant, having become the excellent wife book pdf first English apprentice wizard in over seventy years, must immediately deal with two different but ultimately inter-related cases. In one he must find what is possessing ordinary people and turning them into vicious killers, and in the second he must broker a peace between the two warring gods of the River Thames and their respective families.

Metropolitan Police who, having completed her mandatory probationary period, is expected to go far. Metropolitan Police who, having completed his mandatory probationary period, is expected to do paperwork. Folly and the last officially sanctioned English Wizard. Scot who converted to Islam. The Folly’s domestic helper, once of unknown species.

Following the events of Foxglove Summer, she would appear to be one of the Fae – the same kind that Peter encountered. Father Thames and his chief negotiator. It’s strongly implied that she pre-dates Mama Thames but as a tributary of the Thames has accepted her authority. Peter’s father, a jazz musician and heroin addict. The US version of the cover, with controversial silhouetted figure. The American edition of the book shows a figure in silhouette carrying a gun in one hand, with a ball of fire floating in the other. Earlier editions of the cover showed the character’s face in photographic detail, but a later version reduced this to a silhouette.

Del Rey later changed their cover policy. The novel draws a great deal on the historical and mythological background of London and the Thames Valley. The novel was well received, with reviewers citing Aaronovitch’s juxtaposition of the magical and the mundane and his storytelling prowess as the novels main attractors. Mat Coward stated, of Aaronovitch himself, “he can really write, with a light touch to his humour and characters that really stand out. This novel is a pure delight and I can’t wait for the next in the series. Fellow writer Sam Downing praised the novel’s humour and characters and found it “one of those ‘Aww, I’m at the office already?