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The Darkest Knight” redirects here. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Suddenly, a ghostly image comes from a bust before him, telling him that he has been chosen. The figure heals his the darkest secret pdf download and leads him to a crashed rocket on his property.

Green Lantern ring for personal gain. Bruce manages to subdue Sinestro, leaving the people he once dominated despondent. Initially refusing, Gordon later sets to work and has almost found the answer when Sinestro appears, bearing a yellow power ring from the Weaponers of Qward. He steals the information and kills Gordon, then sets off. When Bruce shows up to investigate Chill’s dead body, he is ambushed by Sinestro, who exhibits dual personalities thanks to Chill’s mind. Bruce manages to drive the criminal off, which leads Sinestro to acquire allies on Earth.

During his absence, Sinestro has been causing chaos on other planets in the sector, causing the Guardians to question Bruce’s role as a Lantern. Some time later, Bruce is patrolling the city when four Lanterns, including Katma Tui, attack him and attempt to restrain him. Green Lanterns appear and battle the villains. Bruce is subdued, but senses that Alfred is in danger and regains his ring as it responds to his will.

Rushing home, he finds Alfred dead and Sinestro escaped. The three Lanterns beg him to stay and teach them, but Bruce refuses, asking them to protect the Earth while he hunts down Sinestro. This Elseworld is part of Earth-32 of the 52 universes of the Multiverse. He and two other Green Lanterns fight against Monarch in the second issue. Green Lantern History: An Unauthorised Guide to the DC Comic Book Series . The Man Behind the Red Hood! Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?