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In this section you will find huge selection of fun, stimulating CLIL activities including puzzles, projects and cross-curricular worksheets for children aged 6-12. Is it ever Teaching young learners english pdf to lie in a job interview? Getting to know you: What’s your name? So you want to be a teacher?

Here you can find cross-curricular worksheets covering a wide range of curriculum topics and including clear maps, useful diagrams and appealing illustrations. CLIL worksheets in your next class? This lively section contains a variety of arts and crafts lesson ideas to use with young learners, including matching activities with shapes and colours, and creating a model clothes line. Help your students learn about the world they live in with this collection of lesson plans and activities on the topic of geography.

Teach children about religious and cultural festivals around the globe, famous explorers, literary masters and the joys of music. Introduce your students to the wonderful world of mathematics with our collection of lessons for young learners. Teach children about the amazing world of science with this collection of fun lessons including worksheets, experiments and question loop activities. A varied selection of resources on media, transport, inventions and the economy, including worksheets created in collaboration with London’s Science Museum. Live from London: Christmas video special!

Access our entire database of over 9,000 high-quality resources. Find new materials added every week. Benefit from a wide range of resources, whether you teach Business English, Young Learners, Exams or CLIL. Save time: organize resources and plan your lessons with our exclusive Learning Calendar.

Don’t stress: let our articles and tips solve all your teaching dilemmas. Your gateway to our primary and pre-primary resources. Onestopenglish is a teacher resource site, part of Macmillan Education, one of the world’s leading publishers of English language teaching materials. Olha Madylus tells us what Cuisenaire rods are and why they are useful for teaching English to young learners. They are small blocks of wood of different lengths. Each different length is a different colour. They were originally used for teaching Maths.