Tangled story book pdf

A Witch’tangled story book pdf Tangled Hare Lobby Card. At this he begins to write a story based on this title.

The witch has Bugs Bunny trapped, sleeping on a platter and wakes him up. He believes the cauldron to be a bath and readily climbs in, only realizing his mistake after reading her open recipe book. Witch Hazel pursues Bugs Bunny on her flying broomstick. We then see the poet again trying to write after Bugs and the witch have departed.

At the castle, Witch Hazel and Bugs run into each other and they have a little laughing contest, then Bugs runs up a tall tower, saying “You hoo! Witch Hazel says after that. Witch Hazel says that she had the silly thing in reverse. As the witch falls down with it, she cries out “Good Grief! Witch Hazel jumps out of castle window as Bugs pretends that he will catch her and rapidly runs off. As Bugs runs out from the castle he runs into the poet, who is crying because he will never be a writer.