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Fire Emblem Awakening box art. Packaging artwork released for all territories. April 2012 in Japan, and April 2013 outside Japan. The Avatar is taken in by Chrom, the prince of Ylisse, and his personal army known as the “shepherds” of Ylisse. Over the course of the story, the Avatar aids Chrom’s army in defending Ylisse from monsters dubbed the Risen, and attacks from the hostile nation of Plegia. Development was handled by Intelligent Systems with supervision from Nintendo.

Due to the 3DS still being fine-tuned by developers, the team’s decisions for content and graphics were made based on what they thought was feasible for what they had available to them. Upon release, the game received critical acclaim and achieved strong sales worldwide, with many critics praising the new additions to the traditional gameplay and accessibility to newcomers of the series. After release, the game was nominated for multiple awards from video game publications, often being cited as one of the best games on the 3DS platform, and is also credited with boosting sales for the 3DS. Japan in June 2015, and in Western territories in February 2016.

Tactician Avatar: the Avatar’s gender, hair color, feature types, and voice can all be customized. There are two modes of play: Casual Mode and Classic Mode. Casual Mode enables the player to disable permanent character deaths. With permanent death disabled, fallen units are restored after the completion of the battle. When Chrom or the Avatar character dies in battle in any mode, the player receives a “Game Over” message and must restart the battle.