Singapore criminal procedure code 2010 pdf

Singaporean statutes based on English enactments or English statutes applicable in Singapore. Singapore criminal procedure code 2010 pdf Singapore statutes are not based on English enactments but on legislation from other jurisdictions. In such situations, court decisions from those jurisdictions on the original legislation are often examined. Dutch domination of trade in the East.

Singapore took place in 1824. Singapore was the Temenggung of Johor. However, little, if anything, is known about the laws that were actually applicable. The British have always assumed that no law prevailed on the island of Singapore when it was acquired.

In 1823 Raffles promulgated “Regulations” for the administration of the island. The magistrates were enjoined to “follow the course of the British magistracy, as far as local circumstances permit, avoiding technicalities and unnecessary forms as much as possible, and executing the duties of their office with temper and discretion, according to the best of their judgement and conscience and the principles of substantial justice”. Singapore under the jurisdiction of Bencoolen, he was not vested with power to place the entire island under Bencoolen’s control. In this respect, he had treated Singapore as if the entire island had been ceded to the British when the Treaty with the Sultan and the Temenggung had only permitted the establishment of a trading factory. Crawfurd doubted the legitimacy of the judicial system set up by Raffles, and annulled proceedings in which magistrates had ordered the flogging of gamblers and the seizure of their properties. Assistant Resident which dealt with minor civil cases, and a Resident’s Court hearing all other cases which he himself presided over.