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Initialisms are extremely common in Singapore, and many sim lim price list pdf become better known and more widely used than the full form of the words they represent. The most important category of Singapore initialisms are those for government departments and public institutions. Abbreviations such as these were especially important in the past when most Singaporeans were not educated in English, and their use facilitated communication in the public services where the main administrative language is English.

Government departments have therefore promoted the use of these initialisms, so they occur even in non-English publications. Although the younger generation of Singaporeans are now all educated in English, abbreviations remain a major characteristic of Singapore English. There are efforts to maintain some consistency among the initialisms. Operationally Ready Date, refers to the date on which a National Serviceman completes his 2-year term of service.

They are often used in place of the expanded form of the words. Some abbreviations are similar to those used in other militaries. SAF 11B, the military identity card. SAF 1211, an issue and receipt voucher for proof of receiving and issuing of goods.

As in most other major cities, abbreviations are commonly used in transport-related matters. 1998, LED signboards were installed along the expressways to display warning and other informational messages to road users. This led to the increased use of abbreviations, some of which are less common and not easily understood. This page was last edited on 6 December 2017, at 13:19. WOT Community Badge for updatestar.