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The story is set in the first half of the 19th century. The trilogy has for the most part sea of poppies pdf download well-received.

Two major historical phenomena act as a backdrop to the plot of the Ibis trilogy—the “Great Experiment”, which involved transport of indentured labour from India to work on the sugar plantations of Mauritius, and the trade of opium between India and China. The British played a significant part in both of these. This page was last edited on 19 June 2017, at 05:48. Ghosh amitav Sea of Poppies. Egyptian civilization, attributing the provenance and growth of these civilizations to these selfless, ever-flowing bodies.

He portrays the characters as poppy seeds emanating in large numbers from the field to form a sea, where every single seed is uncertain about its future. The story begins with Deeti, a simple, pious lady, caring mother and an efficient housewife. Deeti figures out that on her wedding night, she was drugged with opium by her mother-in-law, so that her brother-in-law could rape her and consummate the marriage in place of her infertile husband. This brother-in-law is the real father of Deeti’s daughter Kabutri. When her husband dies, Deeti sends Kabutri to stay with relatives. Kalua, the untouchable caste ox man from the neighbouring village, comes to her rescue. The couple flee and unite.

This is not acceptable to the high caste villagers. Rakshali for centuries, is confronted by Mr. Burnham with the need to sell off his estates in order to pay for the debt he had incurred when trading opium with China at the height of the opium trade. But now that the opium trade has come to a standstill, as a result of the resistance shown by the Chinese authorities, he is left with no money to clear his loan. Burnham proposes to settle the load for Halder’s zamindary, Halder refuses the deal as the zamindary is his family’s ancestral property and selling it would mean turning his back on his many dependents living in his household and zamindary. He is tried for forgery, but it is a sham trial orchestrated by Burnham and his cronies. The book also features Paulette, a French orphan, who has also grown up in India.

Her father was an eccentric but kind botanist, and her mother died in childbirth. Burnham take Paulette into their home after her father’s death. She becomes determined to run away because Mr. Burnham has behaved in a disturbing way with her in private. Also, he is trying to get her married to his friend, the stern, elderly Justice Kendalbushe. Paulette’s upbringing in India has also made her feel more at ease with Indian manners, food, and clothing than with Western ones. After much strife and bloodshed on board the vessel, Neel, Ah Fatt, Jodu, Serang Ali and Kalua manage to escape, unaware of the destination the sea waves will carry them to.