Santiago subway map pdf

Updated Lisbon santiago subway map pdf map for printing and downloading. Lisbon metro is considered one of the most beautiful metro in Europe together with Moscow and Paris.

Its stations are both artistic and architectural spaces. It opened in 1959 with a length of 6. The growth of the network was completed in successive expansion phases. 14 km and 17 stations. 11 km and 13 stations. This line serves as a connector to the other lines of the city, connecting the three, the blue, green and yellow, in some points. Metro and also leads to the bus and train station in the city.

5 kms and 12 stations. Station, of the red line. It is a monumental work designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava that has Impressionists tile panels on the ground, a large shopping center and a city bus station, and at the top another regional trains station. However, some stations closed exits before 1:00 a. Varies from 4 minutes during peak hours to 8-10 minutes at night. Lisbon Region which is divided into four areas: L, 1, 2 and 3. Most of the metro network is situated within the central crown or Corona L.