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This page was last edited on 8 October 2017, at ru kim thuy pdf english:57. Provinces, where they live along the valleys and the lower slopes of the mountains. Tày villages are usually based at the feet of mountains and are often named after a mountain, field or river.

Each village has about 15-20 households. Chinese side of the Vietnamese-Chinese border. Tày songs include the “Lượn”, which is a kind of duet between lovers and a kind of poem. Vietnam schools don’t teach Chinese characters. An altar for the ancestors is usually placed in a central location in the house.

Dialects include Central Tày, Eastern Tày, Southern Tày, Northern Tày, Tày Trung Khanh, Thu Lao, and Tày Bao Lac. April 22, 2001 to January 19, 2011. Vietnamese poet writing in the Chinese language with his poem “Cố Hương Từ”. Vũ Lập, is one of beloved hero during the war against Cambodian. He was one of the most successor to guard the north border of Vietnam to prevent china invade. However, with his skill in battles and diplomacy, he didn’t need to use force but he kept the Viet-China border clear.