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Water follows the glucose concentration passively, leading to abnormally high urine output. Mountaineers who are renal pathology mcq pdf well to high altitudes experience this type of diuresis.

Persons who produce less urine even in the presence of adequate fluid intake are probably not adapting well to altitude. Polyuria in osmotic cases, increases flow amount in the distal nephron where flow rates and velocity are low. The significant pressure increase occurring in the distal nephron takes place particularly in the cortical-collecting ducts. One study from 2008 lays out a hypothesis that hyperglycaemic and osmotic polyuria play roles ultimately in diabetic nephropathy. Depending on the cause of the polyuria, the adequate treatment should be afforded. The recommendation had no studies that met the criteria for consideration. United States National Library of Medicine.

Drake, edited by Michael Glynn, William M. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. New Delhi, India: Jaypee Bros. Loscalzo, edited by Ajay K. Shanley, edited by Derek S. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Medical Professional reference for Polyuria.

This page was last edited on 3 October 2017, at 12:22. Please forward this error screen to 199. Several distinct types of tumors can develop in the liver because the liver is made up of various cell types. There are several types of benign liver tumor. They start in blood vessels.

Most of these tumors do not cause symptoms and do not need treatment. Some may bleed and need to be removed if it is mild to severe. These benign epithelial liver tumors develop in the liver and are also an uncommon occurrence, found mainly in women using estrogens as contraceptives, or in cases of steroid abuse. They are, in most cases, located in the right hepatic lobe and are frequently seen as solitary. Over the last few decades there has been an increase with occurrences of this specific type of adenoma.