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This article is about DNS software. In addition the suite contains various administration tools, and a DNS resolver interface library. Print and bind pdf latest version of BIND is BIND 9, first released in 2000.

ISC involvement in the project. BIND 10 planned to make the data store modular, so that a variety of databases may be connected. Security issues that are discovered in BIND 9 are patched and publicly disclosed in keeping with common principles of open source software. A complete list of security defects that have been discovered and disclosed in BIND9 is maintained by Internet Systems Consortium, the current authors of the software. The BIND 4 and BIND 8 releases both had serious security vulnerabilities. Use of these ancient versions, or any un-maintained, non-supported version is strongly discouraged.

Versions of BIND through 4. BIND development, releasing versions 4. 2 was sponsored by Vixie Enterprises. BIND versions starting with 4. BIND 8 was released by ISC in May 1997. ISC outsourcing contract, and the first version was released October 9, 2000.