Personnel management information system pdf

Enter analytical results into MSC-LIMS’ screens or into calculating Excel spreadsheets for import into MSC-LIMS. In either case, the data is only entered once personnel management information system pdf is instantly available for queries, reports, and data exports. Retrieve very specific information from vast amounts of data swiftly and simply, using the extensive queries available in MSC-LIMS.

Users select criteria from a system-wide list of possibilities presented in the query selection criteria. The selection accesses data stored throughout the entire system. Eliminate a significant amount of paper records, and you will eliminate the occurrence of lost or misfiled data, worksheets and files. Save time previously spent searching for data or retrieving lost information. Rapidly generate routine reports with a click or two of the mouse.

Easily produce non-routine reports by specifying data and report features. Instantly fax or email reports to clients. Prepare detailed invoices simply by activating the flexible invoicing system. Prepare trend studies, reports, and historical analysis using easily accessed archived data. Access archived data using the full complement of screens, queries and reports available with the production database.

Easily add new analytes, units of measure, customers, sampling locations, etc. This task is simple, particularly when compared to revising rigid spreadsheet-type architectures. Increase the quantity of samples analyzed and tracked, without hiring additional lab personnel. Generate productivity reports which allow lab managers to track turn around times, number of samples or analyses completed per unit of time, expired samples, and exceptions. Increase efficiency by using MSC-LIMS’ scheduling features to control routine sampling, analysis, instrument calibration and maintenance tasks to adjust for peak sample volume. Eliminate many tedious paper-handling tasks, so technicians may spend more productive time at the bench. Avoid wholesale changes to lab operations to fit a LIMS.