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The front cover of a contemporary Indian passport. 2,000 is to be passport india documents required pdf in addition to the regular application fee. Indian passports on demand to all eligible Indian citizens.

In 2014, India issued more than 10 million passports, a number exceeded only by China and United States. Indian government on official business. Indian diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers. Contemporary ordinary Indian passports have a black or deep bluish-black cover with golden coloured printing.

Republic of India” in English are inscribed below the emblem. The standard passport contains 36 pages, but frequent travellers can opt for a passport containing 60 pages. A page in the Indian passport with Emigration check note. Emigration Check from the Government of India’s Protector of Emigrants when going to selected countries on a work visa. Nautical Sciences Course at T.

2 of the passport is deemed to have been ECNR endorsed. As a result, only ECR stamps are now affixed to Indian passports. For passports issued before January 2007, no notation in the passport means ECR. For passports issued in or after January 2007, no notation in the passport means ECNR. If Emigration Check is Required, there will be an endorsement in the passport regarding ECR.

With more recent Indian passports the personal particulars of the passport holder, that were hitherto printed on the inner cover page, are printed on the second page of the document. Another added security feature in the newer non-handwritten passports is a ghost picture of the holder found on the right side of the second page. Apart from stymieing criminals from printing fake passports, recent changes also help prevent smudging of the document because of inkjet printers. 5 year validity or till the minor attains the age of 18, whichever is earlier. Indian passports can also be issued outside India, for which fees varies by country. In September 2007, the Indian Union cabinet approved a new passport issuance system under the Passport Seva Project. As per the project, front-end activities of passport issuance, dispatch of passports, online linking with police, and Central Printing Unit for centralised printing of passports will be put in place.

The new system is trying to be ‘timely, transparent, more accessible and reliable manner’ for passport issuance. Passport Seva system at one of the 77 Passport offices known as “Passport Seva Kendra”s operating throughout the country. It contains a security chip with all personal data and digital images. In the first phase new passports will have a 64KB chip carrying a photograph of the passport holder and in subsequent phases it will have a fingerprint. It need not be carried in a metal jacket for security reasons. It will first need to be skimmed through a readers, after which it would generate an access code which then unlocks the chip for reader access. In India the e-passport is under its first phase of deployment and is restricted to Diplomatic passport holders.

As of 2016, the Government has plans to issue e-passports to all of its citizens. Also the Government has authorized Indian Security Press to float a global three-stage tender for procurement of ICAO-compliant electronic contactless inlays along with its operating system, which is required for the manufacture of Bio metric Passports. The necessary procurement have been initiated by India Security Press, Nasik by calling for Global tender for the supply of electronic contactless inlays. The actual transition to the new age passport is expected to commence on the successful completion of the tendering and procurement process. Counting only guests in tourist accommodation establishments.