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Saitama with a slain monster in the background. one man guy pdf million hits in June 2012.

Japan between October and December 2015. English during the summer of 2016, and later that year a planned second season was announced. On September 25, 2017, it was announced that they would be changing both its production company and director. On an unnamed Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. To combat them, the world’s heroes have risen to fight them. Z-City and easily defeating monsters and villains with a single punch.

However, he has become bored with his superhuman power and frustrated at the complete lack of strong opponents that can challenge him. Over the course of the series, Saitama encounters various superheroes, supervillains, and monsters. He smashes an incoming meteor, defeats boss villains like the Deep Sea King. When the alien Dark Matter Thieves invade and destroy City A, Saitama defeats their leader Lord Boros using a serious punch. In order to learn more about martial arts, Saitama enters a tournament.