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The Patriots filmed from an unapproved sideline location instead of from an approved indoor location. November 12, 2006 regular season game against the Patriots in Foxborough. During that game, a Jets cameraman was caught filming the game and Patriots signals and removed from the stadium. A year later, as a form of payback, the Jets flagged the Patriots for the same activity.

Videotaping your opponents offensive and defensive signals during a game is not prohibited by the league, even today. However, there are places in the stadium where you are allowed and not allowed to film from. 250,000, and docked the team their original first-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft. Why was the Spygate penalty so high? Small picture: because Goodell was really pissed-off that he told Belichick to do something and Belichick ignored him.

Docking the Patriots a first-rounder was a concrete way for Goodell and the other 31 owners to try and restore parity. A similar dynamic played out 8-years later with the irrationally large Deflategate penalty. Do you still think Spygate was the biggest cheating scandal in NFL history? Be involved in a scandal that is blown way out of proportion by the media and fans of other teams.