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53 on its list of the “150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years”. The video has been criticized for its portrayal of women, and the content of the video was described as weird and disturbing in nature. To promote his upcoming fifth album, West launched GOOD Fridays, a weekly free music giveaway. Monster” was released on the second week. Like the majority of the album, “Monster” was composed there. While Ross was there with West in his recording studio, he actually walked in on West while recording another song.

Ross was not initially intended to be featured on West’s album, however Ross was so impressed with what he heard he decided to record a quick, though short verse. Ross had the concept of the song explained to him by West, which according to Ross, blew him away in presentation. While Ross was there, both Jay-Z and Minaj were recording their verses. Ross expressed his admiration for Minaj, who impressed him during the recording. He stated that what he had observed had earned him respect for Minaj, who called the recording process a “moment of history”. Ross was impressed with the song’s concept and asked if he could deliver the intro.

Minaj appeared on the song due in part to her admiration of Jay-Z. Ross expressed admiration for Minaj, and praised her lyricism. Her main inspiration behind working on the track was the possibility of meeting Jay-Z, with whom she was obsessed since a young age. According to her, she literally couldn’t have a conversation without quoting a line by him, and it was a dream come true to collaborate with the artist. Minaj had recorded her lines around four months before the lyrics finally appeared on the song. Minaj described both Jay-Z and West as “icons”, and stated that she was blessed to be working with them. Minaj mused “never in a billion years would’ve thought that I would’ve not only been on a song with one of them but both them”.