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This is a good article. Krotov physics pdf download the link for more information. His grandfather emigrated to Russia in the 18th century. His parents died when he was still a child, so Nikolai was raised by his serf nurse.

His gold medal provided him a scholarship for studying abroad. Western writer and outstanding public figure. Ge would recall, “I wanted to go to London to paint Herzen’s portrait, and he responded to my request with a large portrait by Mr. The final painting’s similarity between the pose of Levitsky’s photo of Herzen and Ge’s pose of the painted Christ led the press of the day to exclaim the painting as “a triumph of materialism and nihilism”. Saint Petersburg in 1863 that Ge was made a professor of Imperial Academy of Arts. The new religious paintings at that time were not much of a success, and the Imperial Academy refused to exhibit them in its annual exhibition.