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Her themes of child slavery, motherhood, female independence and freedom through education gained recognition from critics and honours. She has been characterised as “kehinde buchi emecheta pdf first successful black woman novelist living in Britain after 1948”. Her father was a railway worker and moulder.

Later that year, she gave birth to a daughter, and in 1961 their elder son was born. Emecheta joined him there with their first two children in 1962. 1976, would have been her first book but she had to rewrite it after it was destroyed: “There were five years between the two versions. At the age of 22, pregnant with her fifth child, Emecheta left her husband. As for my survival for the past twenty years in England, from when I was a little over twenty, dragging four cold and dripping babies with me and pregnant with a fifth one—that is a miracle. She went on later to gain her PhD from the university in 1991.

Adah, who is forced to live in a housing estate while working as a librarian to support her five children. Following her success as an author, Emecheta travelled widely as a visiting professor and lecturer. Best of the Young British Novelists” in 1983. She became a Fellow at the University of London in 1986.

London on 25 January 2017, aged 72. She was a member of the British Home Secretary’s Advisory Council on Race in 1979. 50 Black and Asian writers who have made major contributions to contemporary British literature. Feminism with a Small ‘f’!

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