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TAO OF JEET KUNE DO 5. TAO OF JEET KUNE DO. He was ordered by his doctors to wear a back brace for 6 months in order to recover from his jeet kune do pdf. This was a very tiring and dispiriting time for Lee who was always very physically active.

The bulk of these writings would become the “core set of writings”. Many of these writings were done during a single session which provided natural continuity. Many of these notes were “sudden inspirations” which were incomplete and lacked any kind of a construct. TAO OF JEET KUNE DO 3. In 1971, it was Lee’s intent to finish the treatise that he started during his convalescence. However, his film career and work prevented him from doing so. He also vacillated about publishing his book as he felt that this work might be used for the wrong purposes.

Lee’s intent in writing the book was to record one man’s way of thinking about the martial arts. It was to be a guidebook not a set of instructions or “How to” manual to learn martial arts. Lee’s untimely death changed the perspective of releasing the information that Bruce Lee had vacillated about. The “core writings” and various notes were put together in a logical fashion by various editors. The main editor was Gilbert L.