Java rtf to pdf

Please forward this error screen to 94. The examples will cover complex formatting java rtf to pdf processing of reports by using these RTF templates. You will also learn how to work in both Online and Offline modes. 6 or later is required.

5 with SP1 or later. In this topic, you will see how to download the Template Builder add-in, and install it. In this topic, you will download the Template Builder add-in and install it. Log in to Oracle BI Publisher. Save the file to a suitable location on your hard drive. In this topic, you will review Template Builder UI components. This group enables you to insert the following elements into your RTF template.

This function provides a wizard that guides you through the creation of tables used in typical reports. BI Publisher does not recognize native Microsoft Word charts. The Insert Chart function allows you to insert a chart that is understood by Oracle BI Publisher. Use this function to insert data fields to be organized as a simple or nested table or as a form that is repeated with different data. You may even organize all the data fields for the whole document before inserting them. Use this to select or define a group of elements to be repeated for each occurrence of an element in the data.

This enables you to insert a conditional statement around a region of the template. It shows the commands behind each form field and allows you to edit them. Use this tool to correct flawed RTF templates or to update multiple fields efficiently. The validation function checks the template for incorrect use of BI Publisher commands and unsupported elements in the Word file. Run this tool to check for the accessibility features in the template. This command enables you to create a standard XLIFF translation file containing the boilerplate text from your template. XLIFF is a standard file format that is understood by many translation software packages.