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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718041149. Employee relations are generally concerned with managing the employment relationship. They will not necessarily be subject to collective agreements or joint regulation. Employee relations, therefore, cover a broader hrm pdf for mba of the employment relationship than industrial relations, which are usually regarded as being essentially about dealings between managements and trade unions.

This wider definition recognizes the move away from collectivism towards individualism in the ways in which employers relate to their employees. Technological improvement and its impact on the work force have become a focus of attention world over. These modern technologies have the potential to increase productivity, help managers in strategic decision making, cultivate mobile work culture, make effective use of human resource, employee empowerment etc. There are, however, conflicting views about the implications of changing technology for employment. Some experts say that the pace of technological change is accelerating and that thousands of workers in plants and offices are affected as labour saving innovations are diffused more widely.

Concern about changing technology has been continual over our history-usually increasing during periods of higher-than-average unemployment, and abating somewhat when the economy and employment are expanding. HR-related data info, services, databases, tools and transactions’. HR administration, transactions and process performance’. The offered services that fit the new world of work and are attractive to current and future staff.

The HR strategy of an organization in relation to HR information is concerned first with the use of computerized information for strategic decision making, second with the range of applications which should be included in the system and finally with the provision to line managers of the facility to have direct access to any personnel data they need to manage employee relations in their own teams in a devolved organization. Not many organizations use their IT systems strategically for workforce planning, tracking the skills of individuals and making the data available for analysis and action. Some organizations are “attempting to flip the off switch” with forced restrictions from ICT and its 24 X 7 connections. Volkswagen, in Germany plans to deactivate emails during non-working hours. Deutsche assured to not expect workers to read email after business hours at certain points during the week. The notion of employee empowerment is becoming increasingly important within the management literature.