Horizontal split casing pump pdf

Ningbo doses safely and accurately for 1. The Grundfos HS horizontal split case pump is horizontal split casing pump pdf single-stage, non-self-priming, between bearing, centrifugal volute pump. The independent bearing housing allows for ease of maintenance without removing the top casing. The double volute design reduces the radial load on the shaft, extending component life, minimising vibration and providing quiet operation.

The HS pump also offers high pump efficiencies throughout the range. High energy efficiency along with long pump life and easy maintenance add up to low life-cycle costs. The HS pump is ideal for custom applications and is available in a wide range of variants. The high efficiency and low life cycle costs make the HS ideal for any commercial building, water utility or industrial project. It combines double volute design with high flow and in-line pipe connection. The pump covers a wide range of application areas and continuously provides efficient and reliable performance due to its robust design. Leshan Water Company operates three water works serving 400,000 customers.

Proportional pressure management saves energy and reduces leakages in the Municipality of Ploesti, Romania. S solve increasing constant pressure. Grundfos was able to offer Verdo the perfect combination of size, reliability and efficiency. Three levels of Service contracts covering various pump installation needs. Thorough and professional Commissioning services for optimum system performance. Fast and efficient Onsite pump repair services ensuring minimum downtime.

Fully documented spare parts for optimal pump reliability. Service kits with flexible ordering and delivery options. Precise alignment of pump motor shaft reducing pump wear and optimising efficiency. Internet-based pump control, performance monitoring and alarm solution. Investigation of installed base energy consumption for an overview of the Life Cycle Cost. Pump check services for optimised installation performance. Comprehensive auditing service identifying potential for energy savings in any pumping system.