Handbook of polymer testing pdf

Their properties and breakdown mechanism are determined by their exact structure. There are vast handbook of polymer testing pdf and applications of biodegradable polymers.

Bio-based packaging materials have been introduced as a green alternative in the past decades,among which, edible films have gained more attention due to their environmentally-friendly characteristics, vast variety and avail-ability, non-toxicity, and low-cost. Biodegradable polymers have a long history and since many are natural products, the precise timeline of their discovery and use cannot be accurately traced. The first catgut sutures were made from the intestines of sheep, but modern catgut sutures are made from purified collagen extracted from the small intestines of cattle, sheep, or goats. In 1992, an international meeting was called where leaders in biodegradable polymers met to discuss a definition, standard, and testing protocol for biodegradable polymers. Large clothing and grocery store chains have been making a push to utilize biodegradable bags in the late 2010s. The structure of biodegradable polymers is instrumental in their properties.