General surgery absite and board review pdf

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The ABSITE is furnished to program directors as a formative evaluation instrument to assess residents’ progress. The results are released only to program directors. It is not available to individuals and is not required as part of the board certification process. The ABSITE is administered online using each program’s own computer facilities. See also sample test below. In addition, please see below for our policy regarding ABSITE irregularities. Accommodations for learning disabilities for in-training exams are at the discretion of the program and do not require ABS approval.

ABSITE content outline refer to those categories in the SCORE outline. It is updated annually and is available as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. The ABS provides the ABSITE to all ACGME-accredited general surgery residency programs, which are responsible for ordering the exam materials for their residents. It is also made available to osteopathic and international programs upon request. The exam may not be purchased individually. If you are no longer affiliated with a residency program and wish to take the ABSITE, you must find a program whose director is willing to allow you to take the exam along with the residents of that program. ABS does not accept payment from individuals.

Your results will be included in the program’s results and will be released only to the program director. ABSITE results are made available to program directors in early March. The ABS provides program directors with various reports, including an individual score report for each examinee. Examinees are strongly encouraged to keep copies of their score report for their records, as the ABS does not retain this information. The ABS will not provide examinees with a score report or “transcript.