General studies for competitive exams pdf

Columbia University School of General Studies logo. GS is known primarily for its general studies for competitive exams pdf B.

GS has been the only undergraduate college at Columbia to produce any Rhodes Scholars. The entrance requirements for Seth Low Junior College were reportedly the same as those enforced in Columbia College. World War II, in December 1946, the University Undergraduate program was reorganized as an official undergraduate college for “qualified students who, because of employment or for other reasons, are unable to attend other schools of the University” and designated the School of General Studies as of July 1947. In December 1968, the University Council permitted GS to grant the B.

University only conferred the B. Sciences, which resulted in the complete academic integration between the School of General Studies and Columbia College. As a result, both GS and CC students receive B. GS is recognized as one of the two official liberal arts colleges at Columbia University, along with Columbia College. Columbia undergraduate population and have been known to consistently earn the highest average GPAs among undergraduates at Columbia University.