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Barlow and Lloyd Webber aimed to write the music to the song before Barlow would travel The Commonwealth looking gary barlow my take pdf musicians, singers and contributors and begin writing the lyrics and producing the song as he visited remote villages and countries from across the Caribbean, Africa, the Pacific Islands and Australasia to find singers to perform in front of the Queen. Barlow said of the project that “This is probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on musically.

I’m so excited and thrilled to be a part of it. Lloyd Webber echoed these views and stated that “It is a huge honour to be involved in this historic occasion and I am looking forward very much to working with Gary. He said that they “did all the melodies in an afternoon and then I waited to do the lyrics until I got to Kenya”. Speaking about writing the track with Barlow, Lord Lloyd-Webber said: “We got together with embryonic ideas.

Gary had an idea for the chorus, I had the idea for the verse, we both agreed that the message was about the Commonwealth. I was thinking ‘anthem’, but we had to involve all the people we could, and it had to be something very simple that people could learn. Working with Gary has been one of the great joys, he is such a fantastic songwriter, it was a completely new experience. Barlow went on to say that “She started her reign there and we started our record in that place” and it was fitting that the song would return to those origins.

The final version of “Sing” was completed and mastered during April 2012, and was given its premiere radio play on 18 May 2012 on Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, and ska guitarist Ernest Ranglin. The song was handed over to the Queen at the beginning of May, with Barlow and Lloyd Webber presenting her a framed copy of the sheet music whilst also performing the song to her for the first time. What are they playing and where are they and who are they?

To this Barlow told her “all the stories about the people and the places and where they lived and who they were and she loved it. It was also premiered in full on the BBC during The One Show. It features Barlow’s journey across The Commonwealth creating the song, and adding the vocals and instruments from various countries. It also includes clips of Prince Charles, Prince Harry and of Barlow and Lloyd Webber writing the music to the song as well as the mastering and addition of the orchestra to the track.

The video also included excerpts from the recording of the single at Abbey Road Studios with ‘The Military Wives’ Choir’ featuring military wives from 10 different Military Wives Choirs, including ladies from Marham Bluebirds, RAF Marham Military Wives choir. Titled simply Sing, is required to appeal to the masses across the Commonwealth as well as an 86-year-old monarch. But if anyone can teach the world to sing in perfect harmony it is Barlow, who is well used to writing songs that suit stadiums. Jamaica, Kenya, Australia and the Solomon Islands, as well as our own Military Wives Choir and some Scottish bagpipers. It’s so inclusive it even lets Prince Harry have a go, giving a tambourine a bash. 11 having sold number 32,460 copies of the single despite having been released on the Monday rather than the Sunday as is the case with most newly released singles. The song debuted at number 16 in Scotland and entered the top 60 in Ireland after 4 days on sale.

Sing” also entered the Netherlands Top 100 at 69 and peaked at 88 in Belgium. 153,000 copies a week later. Sing”‘s sales week-on-week rose by 338. 30 weeks in the UK Singles Chart. Gary Barlow set for Official Charts Diamond double!