Gabriel garcia marquez short stories pdf free download

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Not published until 1992, the stories that make up this gabriel garcia marquez short stories pdf free download were originally written during the seventies and eighties.

Each of the stories touches on the theme of dislocation and the strangeness of life in a foreign land, although quite what “foreign” means is one of García Márquez’s central questions. García Márquez himself spent some years as a virtual exile from his native Colombia. An overthrown Latin American president, Mr. President, is exiled to Martinique. The 73-year-old man develops a peculiar pain in his ribs, lower abdomen, and groin. He travels to Geneva, Switzerland in search of a diagnosis. After extensive medical testing, he is informed that the problem resides in his spine.

A risky operation is recommended to relieve the pain. The President meets a fellow countryman, Homero Rey, who works as an ambulance driver at the hospital. Homero schemes to sell an insurance plan and funeral package to the sick man, but the President is no longer wealthy and lives frugally. He is reduced to selling his dead wife’s jewelry and other trinkets to pay the cost of his medical expenses and operation. Homero and his wife, Lázara, grow fond of Mr. They provide financial assistance and care for him after he is discharged from the hospital. The President returns to Martinique.

His pain is unimproved but no worse either. He resumes many of his bad habits and considers going back to the country he once ruled, only this time as the head of a reform group. The story is centered on a character named Margarito Duarte and takes place in Rome. Margarito is originally from the small Andean village of Tolima, Colombia but travels to Rome in order to begin the process of having his deceased daughter recognized as a saint. Margarito lost his wife shortly after the birth of their only daughter and she died soon after at the age of seven from an essential fever. Eleven years after her death the villagers are forced to move their loved ones from the cemetery to another location as the space is needed for a new dam.

When his daughter is unearthed she is found to be still intact and completely weightless. The villagers decide that she is a saint and pool funds to send Margarito with his daughter’s body to Rome. Nothing seems to come from his inexhaustible attempts to canonize his daughter and he eventually loses contact with the narrator and other characters of the story. However, twenty-two years later, and after the death of four popes, Margarito and the narrator meet again by chance and the narrator finds that Margarito is still waiting for his daughter’s recognition as a saint. It is then that the narrator realizes that the true saint of the story is really Margarito.