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The song was a hit and launched his Bollywood career. This page was last edited on 22 August 2017, at 14:09. Explain in Detail about Travels and Story of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji by Bala who travels with Guru Nanak, then written everything as seen. If you have copy of any lost Vedpuran or manuscript then you can also contribute by sending it to us. You can send it in any Digital format to us, we will process. A separate document with your name, location and contact Information. To download use save link as option or download manager.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Purana adds that it was abridged by sage Vyasa before being taught to Romaharshana. The two versions that include books, title some of the books same and others differently. The Shiva Purana, like other Puranas in Hindu literature, was likely a living text, which was routinely edited, recast and revised over a long period of time.

Some chapters of currently surviving Shiva Purana manuscripts were likely composed after the 14th-century. The text is an important source of historic information on different types and theology behind Shaivism in early 2nd-millennium CE. The date and authors of Shiva Purana are unknown. No authentic data is available. Scholars such as Klostermaier as well as Hazra estimate that the oldest chapters in the surviving manuscript were likely composed around the 10- to 11th-centuries CE, which has not stood the test of carbon dating technology hence on that part we must rely on the text itself which tells when it was composed . Certain books and chapters in currently surviving Shiva Purana manuscripts were likely composed later, some after the 14th-century.

The Shiva Purana, like other Puranas in Hindu literature, were routinely edited, recast and revised over the centuries. Hazra states that the Bombay manuscript published in the 19th-century is rarer, and likely the older than other versions published from eastern and southern India. Haraprasad Shastri mentioned in the Notices of Sanskrit MSS IV, pp. 45 chapters written in Oriya script.

The Shiva Purana, in verses 6. Shiva, it includes within it Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Shiva, there is Purusha in everything, nothing is smaller nor bigger than Shiva-atman. The chapters of this shared samhita in different versions of the Shiva Purana includes a description of India’s geography and rivers from north and south India so often and evenly that Hazra states it is difficult to gauge if this part was composed in north or south India. The text discusses goddesses and gods, dedicates parts of chapters praising Vishnu and Brahma, as well as those related to avatars such as Krishna. The text emphasizes bhakti and yoga, rather than bookish learning of the Vedas. The Shiva Purana dedicates chapters to Shaiva-Advaita philosophy, like Linga Purana and other Shaivism-related Puranas, advocating it as a system for salvation. Shiva-Shakti as a unity, and perception of plurality-discrimination as a form of nescience.

These ideas, states Klaus Klostermaier, are similar to those found in Devi-related Puranas and Shakti literature. 172-173, 229, 263-275, 326, 340-369. University of South Carolina Press. Though the basic tenor of those sections of Shiva Purana is Advaitic, the theistic elements of bhakti, gurupasati and so forth are mixed with it. State University of New York Press. This page was last edited on 3 December 2017, at 22:08.

Yoga Vasishtha as a reference-In Dr. This -3 audio files of Dongreji maharaj’s pravachan in 1980 at Ahmedabad. Moraribapu and Vairagibaba was also on stage at that time. Kamaleshbhai Panchal has recorded this full pravachan. All the books are available for downloads as pdfs, and are free.