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Белов – Работа с деревом. Ник Гиббс – Столярные работы. Nelsons – The Big Book Of Weekend Woodworking. Fine woodworking magazine pdf – Древесина и ее обработка.

Sergelin – Мебельных дел мастер. Энтони Деннинг – Резьба по дереву. Айриш – Древесные духи и лешие. Гленда Беннетт – Резьба по дереву.

Банников – Резьба по дереву. Крис Любкеманн – Поделки из веток. Woodcarving Illustrated – Power Carving. Норма Грегори – Выжигание по дереву.

Домики для птиц – фр. Мик Аллен – Отделка древесины. Richard Mark French – Engineering the Guitar. Архитектурная энциклопедия второй половины XIX века.

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6 0 15 0H1zM0 4. 9 0 4 0 4. 6c0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1. 8 206 0 201 0s-9. Coupled with the step-by-step video instructions covered in our video tutorials, these plans will help guide you as you build these great projects on your own. The projects include a simple, sturdy workbench that’s easy to build with limited tools, an elegant box that will help you hone your handtool skills, and a stylish cutting board that will get you comfortable with the router. Learn a variety of machine and hand tool woodworking skills in the construction of this oak bookcase from the second season of our video series.

This project includes cutting dadoes and rabbets with a router, cutting curves with a jigsaw, techniques for sanding flat and curved parts, and we show you how to reinforce your joinery with screws and wood plugs. The free woodworking plan includes scale drawings and dimensions. The free woodworking plan includes a supplies list and detailed drawings with dimensions. Learn the basics of hand-tool woodworking and build a great keepsake along the way.