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The section also runs a Young Leader programme which provides support for the junior sections. Award, which is the highest Scouting Award in The Scout Association. There are also a number of activity and skill badges which can be awarded to the young people upon meeting requirements in a variety of disciplines from horse-riding to first aid. Explorer Explorer won t open pdf fall under the control of the Scout District, while Venture Scouts were part of a Scout Group.

The most common partnership agreement is the use of a Scout Group’s Hut or Hall for meetings, while more involved agreements, such as giving access to equipment and providing help for events and activities, can also be undertaken. Districts are able to have as many Explorer Scout Units as they see fit. Explorer Scout membership is flexible within districts, allowing members of one unit to participate in the programme of any other within the district. In some instances, this flexibility extends to neighbouring Districts. While the majority of units meet regularly to provide the core Scouting programme, districts can create specialised units. The programme and purpose of these additional units vary to meet specific requirements.

For example, a climbing activity unit can be created which provides climbing activity leaders and arranges for visits to indoor and outdoor climbing venues. Another specialised unit is the Young Leaders Unit. The implementation of the Young Leaders Unit varies from district to district, with some acting like a normal unit which also provides the Young Leader training, while others meet less frequently. Members of these units are known as Sea or Air Explorers. Membership varies greatly, but the average is between 10 and 20 members in the main units.

Specialised units have much more variation in membership due to the nature of their programmes. Scouts who are nearing the age of admission to Explorer Scouts, and also once they have joined the section. St George’s Day and when other new members come in. Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts who choose to provide leadership in Beaver Scout Colonies, Cub Scout Packs or Scout Troops alongside the adult leadership team. Young Leaders have a training programme similar to that of adult leaders and consisting of eleven modules.

The Young Leaders Badge is awarded upon the completion of module A and once training is completed, they can receive the Young Leader’s belt buckle. There are also extra modular badges that go around the main Young Leader badge. The Membership Award is only actually received by young people new to Scouting, whereas those Explorer Scouts who have joined from a Scout Troop will undertake the Moving-On Award. However, the Awards cover the same basic principles, and Units may have all new Explorers participate in the Membership Award, regardless of how they came to join the Unit. The requirements of each stage become more challenging, reflecting the age and abilities of the young people undertaking the Awards.