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European federation acting as one country. United Kingdom, secular or religious union, etc. European Dyet, Parliament or Estates”. Felix Markham notes how during a conversation on St.

Europe thus divided into nationalities freely formed and free internally, peace between States would have become easier: the United States of Europe would become a possibility”. The project consisted of 77 articles. The envisioned United States of Europe was to be an international organisation rather than a superstate. United States of Europe would have come into being. Guernsey, Victor Hugo’s residence during his exile from France. The ocean is rough and whirling, and the currents go to two possible endings: the autocrat, or the United States of Europe”.

That in order to achieve the triumph of liberty, justice and peace in the international relations of Europe, and to render civil war impossible among the various peoples which make up the European family, only a single course lies open: to constitute the United States of Europe”. United States of Europe on 1 March 1871. Federated Republic of Europe — the United States of Europe”, created by the proletariat. European nations based on solidarity and in the pursuit of economic prosperity and political and social co-operation. At the League’s request, Briand presented a “Memorandum on the organisation of a system of European Federal Union” in 1930.

Europe as a source of threats and sought to avoid Britain’s involvement in European conflicts. We see nothing but good and hope in a richer, freer, more contented European commonality. But we have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not compromised.