Even cowgirls get the blues pdf

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It was originally released on LP in 1986 and then later reissued on cassette in 1987 with a different cover and drastically altered track listing. In 1991 it was reissued on CD with a third cover design, but with contents identical to the cassette edition. The LP version contains different track listing than CD. According to the sleeve notes, the first four tracks were recorded live on December 28, 1978. The other four tracks on December 31, 1979, with “Memphis” from January 1977.

The venue for both gigs was CBGB’s in New York. However, guitarist Ritchie Fliegler disagrees. He states: “The first five songs are the Judy, Kral, JD, Bruce and me band. From when, I don’t remember. However the liner notes say it’s the first four songs – This is absolutely incorrect – it’s the first five.