Electrosurgery in dentistry pdf

Gingivectomy can be electrosurgery in dentistry pdf by various techniques. Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology, 10th Edition. The Adjunctive Soft-Tissue Diode Laser in Orthodontics”. This page was last edited on 27 November 2017, at 18:35.

A Birtcher Corporation “Hyfrecator” manufactured in March 1982. Held in the hand to show scale is a “hand-piece” detachable sharp-pointed unipolar application electrode. The hyfrecator differs from other electrosurgical devices primarily in being low-powered that is not intended for cutting tissue, or for use in other than conscious patients. In the latter mode, the patient must sit or lie on an insulated table, much as in the case with objects to be charged electrostatically with high-voltage D. For this reason, hyfrecation and all non-ground-pad electrosurgery is performed only on conscious patients, who would be aware of the burn and discomfort from an unwanted earth-ground path.

In many other uses to destroy larger lesions, a local anesthetic injection or regional nerve block is used. Although the hyfrecator is not used primarily to cut tissue, it may be used in a secondary capacity to control bleeding, after tissue is cut by a standard surgical scalpel, or else it may be used to partly destroy superficial tissue, that is then removed by the scraping action of a curette. These are done under local anesthesia. The method is called desiccation because it removes water from tissue as steam, leaving the tissue white and dead, without obviously being burned. This mode is usually employed with the probe in physical contact with the skin or lesion to be destroyed. This method is notable for causing relatively little actual destruction at the point of skin contact, but a large zone of destruction beneath the skin, as the current from the probe fans out into the tissue below the point of contact.

Such effects may be deliberately employed in destruction of subcutaneous nodules, where minimal damage to the intact and normal skin surface is desired, at the same time as destruction and degeneration of a larger mass immediately beneath the skin, such as a subcutaneous wart or sebaceous gland. Thus, it results in the highest effect at the point of spark contact. This is most useful for completely destroying very superficial structures, such as nevi and skin tags, which protrude above the skin surface. For larger amounts of tissue destruction, the hyfrecator may be used in multiple sessions in the same area or point, as for example to gradually reduce the size of a large subcutaneous structure, such as a plantar wart. The hyfrecator can be used in almost all fields of medicine, e. More recently, the hyfrecator is being used by those performing body modification services as a more precise way to brand the skin for aesthetic purposes. It allows more intricate and elaborate designs to be burned into the skin.

Comparison of potassium titanyl phosphate vascular laser and hyfrecator in the treatment of vascular spiders and cherry angiomas. 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