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This article is about the Duran Duran song. 8 to become Duran Duran’s first Top 10 earth song sheet music pdf anywhere in the world.

Planet Earth” begins with a mid-tempo synthesised sweep backed with sequenced electronic rhythm, but the real rhythm section of throbbing bass and crisp drums soon kick in. Muted guitar carries the up-and-down throbbing as the singer joins in. I came outside I saw the nightfall with the rain, Sheet lightning flashes in my brain, Whatever happened to the world we used to know? I’ve got you coming over fear now. The video focused closely on the band’s faces. However, the B-side track for the North American release of “Planet Earth” is “To The Shore”. This formed the basis for the “night version”.

EMI inadvertently unearthed unreleased alternative mixes of both “Planet Earth” and “Hold Back The Rain”. Isa and released on single in 1995. Stand Up” references the “bop bop” part of “Planet Earth”‘s chorus. 2012 as part of their “From the Midlands with Love” series, a tribute to musical acts from the English Midlands. Do You Believe in Shame? Is There Something I Should Know? This page was last edited on 23 October 2017, at 08:25.