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The 3 Step Trick that Reverses Diabetes Permanently diet chart for weight loss in hindi pdf As Little as 11 Days. How to Treat Upper Back Pain.

The pain is often characterized as achy and sore to the touch, which typically indicates a muscle strain. Muscle strains often respond well to rest or other home treatments and resolve within a few days. Change or take a break from your normal routine. Upper back pain is often caused by repetitive motions at work or minor injuries related to playing sports or vigorous exercise. As a first measure, take a break from the activity that may have resulted in the strain and rest for a few days. If your problem is work related, talk to your boss about switching to a different activity or improving the ergonomics of your work station.

If the pain is exercise related, you may be working out too aggressively or with bad form. In this case, consult with a professional trainer or sports therapist. Practice better posture at work and at home. Sit up straight and don’t slouch or lean to one side excessively. Mattresses that are too soft or pillows that are too thick may contribute to upper back pain.