Compound and complex sentences pdf

Please forward this error screen compound and complex sentences pdf 194. How to Use a Comma in a Compound Sentence.

Knowing when and how to use punctuation properly, particularly a comma, is often difficult. One of the more common ways a comma is used is in a compound sentence, which consists of joining two independent clauses. By recognizing where one independent clause ends and the next begins, as well as learning the words which are used to connect the two, you can easily identify where a comma should be placed. Write a complete thought using both a subject and a verb. This is called an independent clause, as it is a group of words that has both a subject and verb and forms a complete thought. Mom makes me breakfast before school. It also forms a complete thought or sentence.

Write a second complete thought that closely relates to the first. Your second independent clause should also contain both a subject and a verb, but it should relate to your first independent clause. I don’t have enough time to eat it. Connect the two independent clauses. To form a compound sentence, you will need to connect your two independent clauses together with a coordinating conjunction.