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Counters are similar in function to the word “pieces” in “two pieces of paper” or “cups” in “two cups of coffee”. However, they cannot take non-numerical modifiers. Just as in English, different counters can be used to convey different types of quantity. In English, one can say “one loaf of bread” or “one slice of bread”. Grammatically, counter words can appear either before or after the noun they count.

How many beers did you drink? In Japanese, virtually all nouns must use a counter to express number. This grammatical feature can result in situations where one is unable to express the number of a particular object in a syntactically correct way because one does not know, or cannot remember, the appropriate counting word. Some of the more common counters may substitute for less common ones. Counters may be intentionally misused for humorous, sarcastic, or insulting effects.

This is a selective list of some of the more commonly used counting words. Stories, episodes of TV series, etc. Sequences of letters or drawings that you write or draw without removing your pen off the paper. General measure word, used when there is no specific counter.