Commodore 64 manual pdf

However, in 1975 TI increased the price of these components to the point where the chip set cost more than an entire TI calculator, and the industry that had built up around it was frozen out of the market. Commodore responded to this by searching for a chip set they could purchase outright. Jobs was offering to sell it to Commodore, but Commodore considered Jobs’ offer commodore 64 manual pdf expensive.

The result was the first all-in-one home computer, the PET, the first model of which was the PET 2001. Its 6502 processor controlled the screen, keyboard, cassette tape recorders and any peripherals connected to one of the computer’s several expansion ports. January 1977 and the first 100 units were shipped later that year in October. Commodore was the first company to license Microsoft’s 6502 BASIC, but the license agreement nearly drove Microsoft into receivership as Commodore stipulated that they would only pay for the BASIC license after the PET began shipping. However, this took over six months to finally happen, during which time Microsoft lost money and even worse, had their cash reserves further depleted by a lawsuit over ownership of Altair BASIC. At the end of the year, the struggling company was saved by Apple’s decision to license Microsoft BASIC for the Apple II line.

The key tops also tended to rub off easily. Reliability was fairly poor, although that was not atypical of many early microcomputers. Because of the poor keyboard on the PET, external replacement ones quickly appeared. BASICs for their first six months on the market while the PET had a full-featured BASIC with floating point support, a sophisticated screen editor, and lowercase letters, the last being a feature that the two competing platforms would not have for a few years. On the other hand, Commodore was a year behind Apple and Tandy in making disk drives available for their computers.

The new machine used a standard green-phosphor monitor in place of the light blue in the original 2001. It now had a conventional, full-sized keyboard and no longer sported the built-in cassette recorder. Commodore’s newly introduced disk drive line. SRAM in the original model.

DRAMs and 2001-16Ns used sixteen 2108s. All 32k PETs used sixteen 4116 chips. It did not include a built-in assembler and required the user to enter hexadecimal numbers for coding. Sales of the newer machines were strong, and Commodore then introduced the models to Europe. PET name, so these models were renamed.