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There are ten elementary school facilities in Charlotte County serving students kindergarten through fifth grade. The core of our elementary studies is a balanced literacy program that prioritizes reading, writing, and mathematics. In order to meet the diverse charlotte’s web pdf activities by chapter of our students, many support programs and teaching strategies have been implemented.

Programs for Successful Learning and Exceptional Student Education classes are available at all sites. The education of your children is a team affair. Parent and community involvement is essential and encouraged. Together we can provide our children with a place Where Every Student Learns in an environment that is caring, respectful and full of joy. There are four middle school facilities serving the Charlotte County area.

All four schools offer an intensive core-curriculum program with a variety of well-designed elective offerings. Charlotte County’s high schools offer young adults the optimum environment in which to expand their horizons in preparation for their futures. The high school curriculum provides both generalized and specialized education experiences, preparing students for the post graduate endeavor of their choice. Extensive course offerings are available from basic to advanced levels. Advanced Placement programs give students the opportunity to take college-level courses.

An alternative high school program operating within the Charlotte County Public School system. It specializes in helping students map out a personalized plan to complete the requirements for a high school diploma. Students who are interviewed and selected will find a wide range of special options and programs. The ALC is a program with Charlotte Technical Center and is operated under Charlotte County Public Schools.

Charlotte Harbor School is a school within the Charlotte County Public School System that opened its doors in 1985. We assist students from PK – 12th grade. Language, Vision, as well as art and music, aquatics and a vocational program on and off campus. Please visit our web site for more information. Serves over 2,000 high school and adult students annually. The Center is fully accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. With student success at the core of the Center’s Mission Statement, the staff recognizes the varied needs, abilities, and talents of each individual while striving to meet the business, professional, and industrial employment requirements of the Charlotte County area.

Offering full-time and part-time virtual courses taught by CCPS teachers. Crossroads is an environmentally based Charter school in Northeast Charlotte County serving difficult to place foster boys. The campus is over 20 acres and offers an array of activities for youth in residence. Established in 1986, the program has functioned under DJJ residential criteria and has served thousands of youth. The new therapeutic group-home structure incorporates the best characteristics from the previous model and allows for enhanced developmental experiences for at risk foster boys between 12 and 17 years of age.

Optimal length of stay is until the student “ages out” of foster care. They may also have been run-aways from their foster placements or they may have had multiple previous placements including school placements. These kids also have academically challenged levels as well as therapeutic needs which have contributed to their struggles. In addition, this charter school provides individualized academic support and education on site allowing for remediation and credit enhancement. The average youth profile reflects, over a program stay of 6-9 months, an average grade level increase in reading of 1. 5 years, and an average grade level increase in math of 2. 5 years primarily due to the reduced class sizes and enhanced need responsive education environment provided by the program.