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Is there a problem with the site? Don’t like the new format and have a better idea? What feature would you like to be added next? Any ideas for further improvement? Just want to tell me how great I am? The differences among the animal cell, plant cell and microorganisms shows the essential functional similarity eventhough those cells have different structures.

Absorption of water by roots, production of food in the leaves, and growth of shoots towards light are examples of plant physiology. In general, these cover the digestion of food, circulation of blood, and contraction of muscles and, therefore, are important aspects of human physiology. Experimental approach in cell physiology is an important aspect in cell physiology because it utilizes the experimental methods in order to solve any scientific issue related to physiology. First, the key of understanding cells’ activities in animal, plant cells and microorganisms was studied by identified the nature of organization of cells. Second, the differences of the environment plays a role of the nature of the cell environment, cell resistance and the adjustment. Third, the nature of the cell in regulating and transporting materials into and out the cells crossing the cell membrane.