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Please carrier split ac catalogue pdf this error screen to 81. Often common colloquial terms are used as well by airmen, as well as less savory ones.

Other slang was used by British and Empire air forces. There were a number of codes used within the RAF, not now under the official secrets act, some of which are included. It is followed by a list of nicknames of aircraft used by, or familiar to, the RAF. Dating from World War I. Five or more ‘kills’ in fighter air combat. The officer in charge of air-sea rescue boats. Air Force Department of the Ministry of Defence.

Float serenely at high altitude, buffeted by assorted winds and oblivious to the implications of, and confusion caused by, the edicts following their astral deliberations. A parachutist who waits too long to drop. Codename for jamming German navigation aids. To show off flying in the air. Provided as nourishment during exercises. To vomit into the sick bag provided in the aircraft. To be correct, or a direct hit.