Bringing down the house book pdf

Bringing down the house poster. Online, Bringing down the house book pdf has been conversing with a woman who seems ideal to him, “lawyer-girl”, who appears to be a blond, successful, and well-educated lawyer.

Peter to help her get her record cleared. Peter tries to throw her out, but reluctantly lets her stay overnight in the guest room. Peter’s attempt to land a huge contract with a wealthy client, Mrs. Howie finds Charlene very attractive as soon as he meets her, and is actively wooing her during most of the film. Charlene is very determined, and despite Peter’s rejection, she keeps reappearing at Peter’s home, his office, and other places where he visits. She comes very close to ruining his chances of landing the big contract.

However, it becomes apparent that although she is from a very different social stratum than Peter, and has a self-presentation which is the polar opposite of his, she is nonetheless kind, intelligent, ingenious, and well-educated in the law, thanks to the studying she did while she was incarcerated. She ends up genuinely making friends with the children, and she is able to help Peter’s son Georgie overcome his inability to read, as well as forcibly sorting out Peter’s daughter Sarah’s boyfriend problems. Charlene even helps Peter himself learn to loosen up a lot more, so he has a chance of being successful in winning his wife back again, which is what he wants more than anything else. As the movie ends, Peter has set up a small law firm with Howie, who is now in a relationship with Charlene, and Peter is much less of a workaholic and succeeds in winning his wife’s affections back.

An uptight lawyer who reluctantly helps Charlene with her case. They eventually bond, becoming close friends. An escaped convict who was framed, and seeks Peter’s help in proving her innocence. Over the course of the film, she bonds with Peter and the family as she poses as their nanny.

She is also Howie’s love interest. Howie Rottman, Peter’s over-sexed best friend and colleague. He falls madly in love with Charlene upon meeting her. Sarah Sanderson, Peter’s daughter and older child. George “Georgie” Sanderson, Peter’s son and younger child. Kate Sanderson, Peter’s estranged wife.