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The 3 Step Trick that Reverses Diabetes Permanently in As Little as 11 Days. Soy, tofu, soymilk, tempeh, textured soy protein everything you need to know about book of tofu pdf of the soyfoods produced in the U. This widely acclaimed, bestselling work on a healthful protein powerhouse and solution to world hunger is more than just a great cookbook with 500 recipes from East and West using eight different types of tofu. Discovered in China more than 2,000 years ago and prepared today in 30,000 shops in Japan alone, tofu is now produced at over 150 shops in North America, where it is widely available.

America’s bestselling book on tofu, the healthful, low-cost, low-calorie, protein-rich staple that comes in velvety white cakes resembling a soft cheese or firm yogurt and is the world’s most popular soyfood. Remarkably versatile, tofu makes creamy dips and dressings, burgers and cutlets, wonderful cheesecakes, and a host of other delicacies for every spot on the menu. Ballantine has issued an exciting new low-cost edition, extensively revised, Americanized and condensed by the authors. Plus a description of soybeans as the protein source of the future, lengthy bibliography, and index. Based on the popularity of the original trade edition and the steadily increasing use of miso in America , Ballantine Books has issued an exciting low-cost edition, updated and revised by the authors. It contains new American-style recipes, new listings of miso shops and resources in the West, new information on miso nutrition and new varieties of miso, plus an extensive new analysis of the early history of miso, tamari, shoyu, and soy nuggets.

The full story of tempeh, a delectable cultured soyfood that tastes like southern fried chicken, contains twice the protein of hamburger. Tomato Sandwiches, Crisp Tempeh Chips, and Breaded Tempeh Cutlets. Detailed instructions for making your own tempeh at home, in communities, or in a commercial shop, extensive nutritional information, bibliography of 275 references, lengthy history, listing of all tempeh makers, index, and a discussion of tempeh and world hunger. Prepared fresh daily at 41,000 shops in Indonesia, this delicious, cholesterol-free protein is now widely available in the West.

Indonesian foods, and those who love fine books. A great deal of original research is contained in the extra 88 pages and 54 illustrations. West to the wonders of tofu. A wealth of recipes and nutritional and cultural information. Among the recent tofu cookbooks put out for the American cook to date, The Book of Tofu.

An awesome book about the most incredible of foods. The most important book on food ever published for vegetarians – if not for all the world. Clear prose and beautiful illustrations take you step by step through tofu making at home. A sizeable, sensible step toward the New Protein Consciousness. The Book of Tofu is an inspiration.

This book started the movement that has taken tofu from the rare Chinese food store into the kitchens of modern America. Japanese miso as well as many recipes based on the author’s personal experiments. Useful as a guide for food technologists, home economists, dieticians, and others interested in fermented soybean products. The Book of Tempeh, prepared with such care, should be read by all who would like their eating pleasures to match their political understanding. Stunningly impressive in its thoroughness and vastly wholistic in its vision.

A milestone in the accelerating soyfoods renaissance. Unique in focus and truly excellent treatment. The research is thorough and the recipes are mouth-watering. Tempeh at home or on a larger scale. A trailblazing work on a little-known but much-loved food in Indonesia.

Tempeh is on its way up. Before long it will be eaten widely and lovingly across this land of ours. I’m convinced that Tempeh is just sitting there waiting for lightning to strike, the way it hit yogurt. All the signs point to that happening, and soon. Clear instructions and excellent illustrations.

Microbiology and Chemistry of Tempeh Fermentation. A truly readable and useful reference book. Highly recommended for food technologists, home economists, extension specialists, and individuals considering starting tempeh shops. Carries on the tradition of excellence established by The Book of Tofu.