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Anxious about his reception, he is warmly welcomed by many spectators. Jones, a young bobby jones on golf pdf, observes his father “Colonel” Jones playing golf, poorly.

By the time he is 14, Bobby is good enough to reach the quarterfinals of the U. As sportswriters of the era such as O. Bobby wins the state amateur championship at 16 and the U. Mary Malone, whom he ultimately marries. Bobby has a hot temper that affects his game and reputation. His first time at St. Andrews, in 1921, Bobby walks off the course after 11 holes of the third round, expressing his dislike for the course.

Bobby never to quit, particularly at St. Andrews, which he considers the greatest golf course of all. Before long, Bobby is a great success, winning four major tournaments in one year. But by 1930, he has lost interest in playing golf.

He becomes a lawyer instead and retires from the sport at age 28. Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones, Jr. 100 rating, indicating “mixed or average reviews”. This page was last edited on 27 November 2017, at 06:23. Bobby Jones, a los 14 años de edad. Campeonato Amateur de Estados Unidos y una vez el Campeonato Británico Amateur.