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Help Belle teach Beast how to be a great dance partner before their party at the castle. Drop objects to Belle, Maurice, and the Beast to help save them from Gaston! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Your Browser Does Not Support IFrames.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Beauty and Beast by Charles Perrault is one of the great romantic tales of all time. With exotic music and sound effects. Beauty and the Beast by Charles Perrault is one of the BIG fairy tales and it’s long been a favourite on Storynory. We’ve re-recorded it with music, sound effects, and an edited text. The acoustic guitar and sitar music add to its exotic atmosphere. Beauty and the Beast is one of those stories that is told and retold in different guises.

A long time ago, in a far away land, a merchant was returning home after a long journey. As night fell, he entered a deep forest. His head was full of thoughts of his six daughters. He had left home in summer, and now he was returning in deep winter. The most bitter sleet and snow came down, and his horse stumbled on a patch of ice. He heard wolves howling, and soon he realised that he was lost. At last, he saw some sort of track.

He saw a flight of stone steps. He went up them into a great castle. Inside he passed through several splendid rooms. Everywhere in the castle there was a deep silence.

At last, he stopped in a small room where a fire was burning. He lay down on a couch and very soon fell into a sweet sleep. He woke up feeling hungry. He was still alone, but a good dinner had been laid on a little table. Then he went down into the garden, and though it was winter everywhere else, here the sun shone, and the birds sang, and the flowers bloomed, and the air was soft and sweet. The path had a hedge of roses on each side of it, and the merchant thought he had never seen or smelled such beautiful flowers.

Then he remembered a promise he had made to his youngest daughter, who was so lovely that everyone knew her as Beauty. Before setting out on his journey, he had asked his daughters what presents they would like him to bring back for them. The five eldest wished for jewels and fine clothes, but Beauty asked only for a single rose. Now, as he stopped to pick a rose to take home to Beauty, he was startled by a strange noise behind him.